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Welcome to Kirtan College MP

This is our humble try to spread the art of Gurbani Kirtan thoughout the world. We have tried to create very simple video leassons utilizing which can make learning harmonium very easy. We will also try to get you have a good hand on experience with fingers, pronunciations, raags, and ucharan. May your endeavor of this devotional journey be successful and fruitful. Click here to get started.

3 Easy Steps For Learning Gurbani and Kirtan

Depth of Gurbani

You will be able to learn, utter, and recite Gurbani and deliver the kirtan with proper pronunciation. Saying the right word is very important.

Harmonium Techniques

By joining our classes, you will learn better techniques of controlling the breathing, moving the fingers on the keyboard, and properly pump the instrument.

Perform in Sangat

You will be ready to perform in front of the sangat with proper formalities but better confidence. The more you sing in sangat, the more you will learn.